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Online and In-Step Development Programme


Our new ‘Online & In-step’ programme is the perfect option for the dancer who wishes to achieve a personal goal. Whether it is perfecting a single move through to taking their dancing to the next level, our programme will allow any dancer, at any level, to achieve their goals!


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Firstly, you must truly reflect what you want to achieve as a dancer. This may sound simple, of course you do! However, you have to keep in mind it's really not an easy process and you must be full of determination. There are decisions you have to make in your personal development plan that won't be easy and you have to know this is without a doubt what you want.

Are you willing to work? Are you ready to push yourself harder than you imagined?

Our first step is all around goals. When a goal is attached to a plan it becomes a reality and that is what we want! So what is your goal? All great dancers, no matter their age or experience have aspirations around their dancing – it could be to master a turn, improve flexibility or even top an exam. Whatever it is, it is more achievable when it is attached to a plan. We can help you create that plan with realistic and achievable milestones.

Steps to success

So you have a plan but what next? It is fine to make a plan to achieve you goal but now you need the tools to start building. That’s where our experts come in. A one-on-one lesson will be the second step to success. This will allow our tutors to break down the physical aspects of your goal and make sure you can develop the correct technique and skill base to reach your goal.

Now comes the challenging part – practise, practise and more practise. But to help motivate you and make sure you are staying on track with technique, we will utilise Movitae and each week when you post your progress, your tutor will give detailed and specific feedback to keep you moving. The online sharing is private and only you and your tutor will see it.

You’re closer than you think!

Check point! After 4 weeks on online feedback, its back to the studios to have a final one-on-one session, just to iron out anything needed. Here your tutor will give you steps to make the home run on your goal. Over the remaining 4 weeks, you will return to your online work with our tutors continuing to challenge and help you reach your goal. And before you know it, that move that was a dream, became a goal and finally a reality.

The most exciting part is being able to apply this to any genre you dance and make it fit with your own personal schedule. And even more, once you have completed your first goal, you can set another one and continue to see your dancing develop faster than you could imagine.

So, are you ready to work? Willing to push harder than you thought you could, all to make it a reality? Then join ‘Online and In-Step’

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