Classes for every style


A beautiful, classical dance form. Ballet is a great foundation form of dancing, teaching technique and body discipline. Our studio offers classes from the littlest ballerina to senior students through the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) syllabus including annual exams.

Competition solos are also available.


Jazz is a fun, modern style of dance that focuses on building technique and performance. Accompanied with modern music, it is one of our most popular genres due to the fun, active and disciplined nature of Jazz dancing. Grade work in Jazz follows GDQ syllabus including annual exams.There are classes for all ages starting from 5 years old. Places in competition solos and Jazz Troupes are also available!


Here at Dance24Seven we have a large focus on training young dancers in the foundations of Hip Hop. Each class covers a range of different Hip Hop genres to create versatile dancers. Junior to Senior levels. We also have competitive street crews! Our teachers have the qualifications and experience necessary to take any dancer to the next level, so come in and try it today!


The fastest growing dance form in New Zealand. Contemporary dance is an exciting dance form where students are encouraged and allowed to use their creative skills. Classes for students 7 years and up. APDA syllabus and exams.


Tiny toes learning to dance and move to counts and rhythm to develop confidence, performance and self esteem. We have Tiny Tots starting from 2 years and Mini Movers ranging up to 6 years old. Bring your little one in today to give it a go!


Tap dance is not to be overlooked! Modern, popular music and exciting quick movements provides a fun and rewarding class. Is great for teaching rhythm and co-ordination, whilst having fun and tapping along to a good beat. Junior to Senior Levels. Students will move through the APDA and NZAMD syllabi and be able to sit annual national exams.


Musical Theatre is a newly introduced class in 2021. It works on extending students performance skills, while giving them more confidence and working on their creativity. This genre combines elements from all styles of dance to give a fun and rewarding experience for all dancers involved. Come in and try it today!


An amazing open class for dancers wishing to increase their range of skill elements and tricks, to be incorporated into dance. Using the Canadian Acrobatics Arts syllabus develop your Acro skills with our classes!