Why Choose Jazz?


We offer Jazz classes at all levels that follow the exciting new Global Dance Qualification Syllabus. This is a new and exciting syllabus choreographed by Adam Parson of the USA. All Jazz students have the opportunity to sit exams and are strongly encouraged to do so. This is a very fun and supportive learning experience that allows young dancers to learn a range of exercises and routines, right from correct warm up techniques to learning turns, kicks and jumps and dances choreographed by our own teachers here at Dance 24/7.

Along with a Jazz class once a week, dancers sitting exams should seriously consider the relevant GDQ technique classes offered weekly.


Dancers who show great levels of determination, promise and skill will be invited to represent our studio at dance competitions with their own personal routines and choreography or our Jazz Troupes!
This is an amazing opportunity and if you feel like it is something your child may be interested in and we have not already approached you, please do not hesitate to ask if there are any options for your child. 

   GDQ Jazz Grades age guide
    Foundation 1           5 to 6 yrs
    Foundation 2           6 to 7 yrs
    Foundation 3           7 to 8 yrs
          Foundation 4         8 yrs and up


Development 1.       9 - 11yr
Development 2.       10-12yr
Development 3.       11-13yr
Development 4.       12-14yr

  Extension 1.             13-15yr
Extension 2.             14yr +
Extension 3.             14yr +

​Advanced                 15+

Dancers in Foundation 4 and above must also take the aligned Technique class.

Dancers must be turn 5 years old the year they sit Foundation 1 and must be 8 years old the year they sit Foundation 4. This is just a guideline set by GDQ, talk to us when you enrol about previous experience and we will put you in the most suitable class.


Click on the link below to download Jazz Information