Show 2019

All dancers, from mini movers to our seniors dance in the show each year! This is the best bit about dancing, performing on a stage in front of your family and friends! If you want the extra challenge of a lead role check out our audition dates below! 

Dates to Remember:

  • Saturday 9th of November     - All day dress rehearsal
  • Sunday 10th of November       - All day dress rehearsal
  • Saturday 16th of November     - 6pm show starts
  • Sunday 17th of November       -2pm show starts

Notes: Please arrive an hour before the show!

Don't forget that rehearsals are a practice to get things right, sometimes we need to go over dances a few times to make sure everyone knows their entries, places on stage and exits. This means we all have to be patient with each other.

Please bring snacks to eat and drink, but remember to keep them free of colourings (No Cheezels, Twisties etc, Coloured juices and fizzy drinks)! Most dance costumes are very difficult to wash and stains on clothes and faces are really un-becoming on stage and in photos!

No filming or photos during the performances please. There is a photographer and the production is filmed professionally, with both the photos and film being available for purchase after the show!