Why Choose Tap?

The dance form that makes the dancer a performer and a percussion instrument. The tap sound is made by the metal plates on the shoe hitting the floor. The skill is to co-ordintate the steps to make the sound rhythmical! Superb for improving co-ordintation and counting as well as flexibility and rhythm. Tap dancing is lively and fun, and can be danced to almost any type of music.

Using the APDA Tap evolution and NZAMD in Conjunction for our Seniors we have junior and senior classes in 2021. The syllabus introduces Tap to young children in the Super Striker Grades and through fun exercises progresses through toBeat Masters where they sit their exams in APDA and NZAMD. Taught by Heidi Salverda and Donny Waters this is their passion in life. Grab some tap shoes and come and have a go!

Beginners Adult Tap classes are now available! Enrol now for a fun filled Wednesday evening with Heidi in Adult Beginners Tap.

Dance 24 Seven Tap Levels:

(Child must turn minimum age by 1st Dec 2021)

  • Super Striker 1: Min. age 5yrs
  • Super Striker 2: Min. age 6yrs
  • Super Striker 3: Min. age 7yrs
  • Rhythm Rockets 1: Min. age 8yrs
  • Rhythm Rockets 2: Min. age 9yrs
  • Rhythm Rockets 3: Min. age 10yrs
  • Fleet feet 1: Min. age 11yrs
  • Fleet feet 2: Min. age 12yrs
  • Fleet feet 3: Min. age 13yrs
  • Beat Masters 1: Min. age 14yrs
  • Beat Masters 2: Min. age 15yrs
  • Beat Masters 3: Min. age 16yrs